Lindos Greece
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Fabulos : 8.6 Este situat langa plaja din Lindos, la 48 km distanta de aeroport

Lindos Hotels - Hotel Group, proudly announces the launch and opening in 2019, of the brand new Luxury Resort: Lindos Grand Resort & Spa. The essence of of Lindos Grand Resort & Spa, will be about enlivening the sences. Guests will gently have their senses enriched and stimulated with the resort's panormic vistas on the Mediterranea sea, spacious Rooms & Suites with private infinity pools, high gastronomic experiences and a truly 5-star service. With an emphasis on personalized experiences, guests can "design" or tailor make their visit to suit their needs and desires. Private Dining, Yoga sessions, Personal Trainer, guided hiking tours, Scuba Diving etc. The resort will tailor-make your visit and personalize your experience, to make it truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

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